Portugal [MEDesTU]


Organization: MEDesTU

Title of the event: ”Connecting People”

Date: 23rd of September 2017.

Event description: 

The event will be in the center of Porto, during all day, with 4 different activities:
1. Tourist itinerary “Moorish/Arabic heritage” – Tour around Porto finding the “Moorish/Arabic heritage” visiting very known museums from Porto with the morrish marks – 09:30- 12:30; Lunch time – Conversation about the experiences till now in the Route to Connect- 12:30 – 14:00h;

2. Arabic Calligraphy Workshop – 14h-15h in House of Associations in Porto

3. Human library – With Sirian girls and refugees – 15:30-18:30 – they will be books and they will share their experience with the people present in the event;

4. Intercultural Dinner (music + food) – 18:30-23:00- with support of EAPN, Welcome Refugees and PAR (Refugees Plataform) – Intercultural dinner with people from all over the world and with shared food cooked from the people with different cultures.